Langlauf Mürztal
Hotel Winkler
06. 04. 2018

The second meeting of young cross-country skiers will be hosted in town Mürzzuchlag in Austria

Trips and using the last rests of snow, great and relax mood and joy of movement are the features of spring´ s cross-country skiing training and the program of the second meeting of the 4 clubs from the 4 countries promises everything. The organiser is the club Langlauf Mürztal from Austria. Except cross-country skiing, roller skiing, running and swimming the session with the sports psychologist will not be missed. 

The base of the project is the exchange of experiences during working with young cross-country skiers on the club´ s level and in the individual relationship too. The aim of the project is improving all aspects of systematic work with young cross-country skiers. This is sharing of experiences about training´ s methods on the snow and on the ground too, club´ s support, equipment and the psychological side of performance and parent´s support of children and their communication.


ii-meeting.pdf (PDF 564 kB)

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